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Lámparas diseñadas y producidas artesanalmente en Barcelona. Hechas a mano y con materiales naturales. Somos una pequeña empresa mediterránea apasionada por las formas y la luz. Trabajamos en cada detalle, con artesanía, para aportar piezas únicas inspiradas en el ambiente mediterráneo, que inspiren delicadeza, sofisticación, elegancia.   Lamps designed and handcrafted in Barcelona. Handmade with natural materials. We are a small Mediterranean company passionate about shapes and light. We work in every detail, with craftsmanship, to provide unique pieces inspired by the Mediterranean atmosphere, which inspire delicacy, sophistication, elegance.


Lamps designed and produced by hand in Barcelona

Handmade and with natural materials

The ESSENCE of things.

Our mission is to be creators of beautiful and delicate objects that people love to have with them because of how good our warm essence makes them feel, thus improving the environment and people's quality of life. 

The aim of our creations is to highlight that spiritual component, which is the essence of things.

We want people to feel love in the space they inhabit thanks to see our objects full of love, to feel identified with their own nature.

Each lamp represents that bright light that we all have inside; we want to help people remember the inner child that we were, are and will be as long as we turn on the inner light.

Born in Barcelona

The city of light

Mediterranean Objects

It is elegance in art,

It is luxury in craftsmanship,

It is precision in simplicity,

It is harmony in warmth.

A conscious design

The story behind each lamp

The first gift I remember receiving as a child was a set of carpenter's tools. I remember spending entire afternoons playing with them. I like to think that that simple present marked my life as a designer and producer of objects. 

During my adolescence I remember spending the most boring hours of school drawing in the margins of the pages of my folder. They were full of drawings. There were chairs, forks, cups, and any object that came to my mind that I could design to make it better, more useful and more beautiful. 

''I like to think that that simple present marked my life as a designer and producer of objects.''

A few years later I studied Architecture at the University and thanks to choosing this path, I was able to involve myself in a constant state of design. I created everything from small objects to large buildings. 

I would spend entire afternoons in the DIY store in my hometown, looking at wood, screws, and tools to build objects. 

My father, who had studied electricity, taught me how to make electrical connections, while he helped me build the furniture I created.

When I finished my degree, naturally and without planning it, I began to manufacture the lamp designs I was creating. I sold them in some neighborhood store and exhibited them at small fairs. I loved selling the products that I had thought of and created myself, and that people liked them so much. This process evolved naturally. I sold more and more, in better places, and with new designs. 

Soon after I opened my first studio-workshop in Barcelona, that place connected me with the indescribable feeling of happiness and freedom that I felt in my parents' house, every time I went to the garage and opened the closet full of tools.


At the same time, I was working as an architect, but although I liked the work and I was good at it, it didn't fill my soul... Nothing compared to the passion I felt designing, making and selling the objects I created. So I took courage and decided to leave that safe job, to dedicate myself entirely to creating, making, and selling my own lamps.

``That place connected me to the indescribable feeling of happiness and freedom I felt at my parents' house, every time I went to the garage and opened the closet full of tools.''

That's how Mediterranean Objects was born, I silenced fear and chose love, I embarked on my passion. I decided to bet one hundred percent on my creations. Today I can affirm that I made the right decision, this is my vocation, my task in this world. To create real objects, real, with soul.


I still feel like that child, curious, excited, and playful, ready to design, create, and love that game, capturing my essence in each lamp.


Who is it designed for?

Mediterranean Objects is created and designed especially for people who value the love that is put behind each piece that only art has; that added value that lies in a handmade design, and that transmits subtle emotions creating a delicate atmosphere, bringing warmth to every space.



Each lamp is born from the inspiration generated by observing a light or a shadow that captures my attention. All these images remain impregnated in my subconscious, and many times these concepts are drawn on a paper napkin that remains stuck on the wall of my workshop. One day, one of these ideas matures, and these designs decide to come to light. There I feel the need to take a pencil, the colors, and a piece of paper to draw. This is the first step to bring them to life. 

''Each lamp is born from the inspiration generated by observing a light or a shadow that captures my attention''.

I give this sketch a technical structure so that it is not only beautiful and original, but also simple, constructible and feasible. To carry it out, I use computer design tools in 2D and 3D, which help me to pinpoint the details of the lamp to the millimetre. 


Thanks to the company's expansion, I now have an in-house manufacturing and packaging team, together with whom I assemble all the components. 

The team is composed of passionate, positive, loving and predisposed professionals.

Thanks to working together we reach excellence in the market, with dedication, commitment and precision we improve even in the smallest detail. 

We want our lamps to be a living part of the space.

Who is behind the scenes at Mediterranean? 

The team is constantly growing. We have permanent assistants, external suppliers and reseller partners.

As the owner of the company, I am in charge of logistics and also of the design and creation of the lamps.

There are many external suppliers. On the one hand we have suppliers of electrical components and decorative metal parts, of natural fibers, of boxes and packaging items, and of material used for different components. On the other hand, we have direct manufacturers of frames and lampshades.

``Our partners are the bridge to Mediterranean Objects' dream customers.´´

We also work with courier companies that take care of getting our orders to their destination.  Reseller partners are our priority as they are our main customers. Thanks to them we can reach a very large final public, you could say that they are the bridge to Mediterranean Objects' dream customers, and that is why we focus on providing them with the experience, attention and quality they deserve.  They are all excellent professionals. I am proud to be part of a network of collaborators in constant internal and external growth.

Captura de Pantalla 2023-05-05 a las 15.52.01 copia.png
Captura de Pantalla 2023-05-05 a las 15.52.23_low.jpg

How do you feel when you know that someone is going to have a lamp in a corner of their home or business?

I feel great satisfaction and pride in knowing that my lamps beautify spaces around the world. I like knowing that I can help other people feel better in the spaces they inhabit through my designs and fabrications. Being aware that they have chosen one of my objects to accompany them in a large part of their lives is beautiful.


It has happened to me to come across one of my lamps in a surprising way through a photo and it generated an enormous feeling of happiness. To see that so many people like this product that you created with so much love is beyond compare.

``To be aware that they have chosen one of my objects to accompany them for a large part of their lives is beautiful.´´

It has also happened to me to receive a direct call from a country where we did not sell, begging me to find a way to buy one of my lamps when I still did not have that purchasing channel open, it was a very happy, special and unique moment. 

When people tell you that they want one of your lamps no matter what, because they appreciate the fact that it is handmade by a craftsman in a workshop, it generates a lot of satisfaction.

What does the company do?

What is its target audience?

What is its competitive advantage?

Our vision is to be a great lamp company that people can identify with. We are confident that we can achieve this thanks to the great team of professionals that make up Mediterranean Objects. 

Each member of the team is a passionate, positive, committed and loving person, without them this vision would not be possible. 

We want to be an authentic and different company. We have a special energy that connects with people in a genuine way, that makes them feel identified with us and our designs.

``Each member of the team is a passionate, positive, committed and loving person, without them this vision would not be possible. ´´

We create alliances with other companies that have values aligned with ours, which allows us to collaborate with them to promote us even more. We believe in a win-win world, that is why we have created a network of like-minded companies that blindly trust in the power of union to sow seeds of love and achieve a more beautiful, simple and harmonious world. 


We have a design team that is constantly creating new models and improving the existing ones; also with a technical, manufacturing and packaging team that puts precision and constructability to each design, it is gratifying to have creative, happy and free people. 

Our marketing and sales team is very strong, it manages to express everything we want to convey with our designs in photos, videos and words.


Mediterranean Objects on #Instagram

'' I love working with Mediterranean, I know I can rely on the quality and the expected delivery time, they give me security. ''

Andrea Vega, Architect, Spain

Partners & Distributors:

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France & Europe in general

USA, UK, Europe,

y worldwide

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