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Suau lamps

Soft light, natural material.

Suau lamps are designed and manufactured by Mediterranean Objects in Barcelona, Spain. 

They have an external screen made of MDF wooden slats, laser cut and assembled one by one, in such a way that they create two different visual textures, one thicker, and the other more open. 

Another interior lampshade, made of paper and PVC, special for lamps, is off-white in colour, and diffuses the light, creating a soft atmosphere and pleasant ambient light.





It has a cylindrical lampshade of ø 23 cm (ø 9.05''), and 38 cm (14.9'') high. A white inner sheet screens the light from the lamp, while another outer shade is made of laser-cut mdf wooden slats, assembled one by one in our workshop, to create two different textures, one more permeable, the other more dense. It creates a soft atmosphere, a pleasant ambient light.


Inside, it has a lamp holder with room for an E-27 or E-26 bulb. It is recommended to use LED bulbs with a warm light colour. It provides a soft light that is very pleasant to the eye. The power connection plug is adapted according to the country of purchase, and can be used in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom and other geographical areas.

The foot of this lamp is made of iron lacquered in white by default, or black on request. 

To be placed mainly next to sofas, in a corner of the living room or in a reading area.